The LeConnex Process

Lead Intake

LeConnex system provides multiple ways for new lead records to be created. Whether it is internally or from web forms, Leconnex funnels all incoming leads into a smooth sales pipeline where leads can be assigned to sales staff and accurately tracked. Our form builder allows you to have multiple forms either on your website or other locations. This gives you the ability to have separate forms for men, woman, resources or whatever intake facilitates your sales pipeline process.


Initial Interview/Intake

Whether over the phone or face to face, the LeConnex system provides an intuitive interface where sales staff can enter information on initial interview or intake for a client. Append profile, fill out internal information and make notes directly on the person’s record. Everything is recorded into the system and reported on, so management can track sales staff success.



Setup specific packages for your clients and process their sale with just a few clicks. Calculate tax, and commissions all within the sale sales interface. Spit commissions, split payments, track your sales easily and completely with the LeConnex sales interface. Give administrators that power to overwrite sale price to give your sales staff the most flexibility.



Search through your entire database, filtering on any of the many fields in your custom profile. Find potential matches for your clients with just a few clicks and set up matches, and potential matches for a client freeing up your matchmakers to make matches and setup introductions. Assign to specific matchmakers and funnel reporting into your matchmaking reports.



LeConnex offers an entire suite of reports designed to help you run your matchmaking business. From sales reports, to lead tracking and marketing resources report, all of them give you the birds eye view of your business and allow you to drill all the way down to individual transactions or records. For multi-office locations view an individual office or conglomerated view of all or some of your locations. And you can even give specific users access to specific reports making sure personnel is accessing only the information they need.